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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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HA for i5/OS

ORION HA for i5/OS is an exceptionally flexible and scalable high availability solution designed for the transaction-heavy, multi-system and clustered i5/OS environments that are typical in large and global organizations. The high-throughput architecture of ORION HA is optimized for multi-CPU servers and supports millions of transactions per minute. It provides peace of mind by helping to assure business continuity regardless of the size of your organization or the complexity of your IT infrastructure. Available in two versions, ORION Professional replicates data and objects using either remote or local journaling to provide an industrial-strength, full-featured high availability solution for medium size businesses.

ORION Enterprise delivers application and data protection for the most complex enterprises, with support for advanced technologies such as MQ Series, three-tiered applications and clustering. It also enables flexible replication topologies, such as one-to-many, many-to-one or many-to-many.


iTERA HA for i5/OS is a highly autonomic, full-featured high availability solution that is simple to use and easy on your budget, putting nonstop business continuity well within your grasp. Using the most efficient System i replication method, iTERA HA maintains a complete, accurate backup of your data and applications. It then stands ready to switch users to that backup whenever the primary system becomes unavailable or you need to perform system maintenance, allowing you to eliminate the threat that disasters and regular maintenance pose to business continuity.

iTERA HA also safeguards your bottom line with an affordable, highly automated, easy to manage solution. Its self-configuring, self-monitoring and self-healing features free IT staff to do what they do best— design, build, maintain, manage and support your systems—while iTERA HA monitors and manages itself. And because iTERA HA replicates data and objects lightning-fast, it won’t burden your IT infrastructure.


Vision Cluster1 for i5/OS is the innovative, easy to use solution for managing, monitoring and protecting your IBM cluster. It simplifies setup, speeds switching, automatically detects issues or inefficiencies, and gives you greater control over day-to-day cluster operations with enhanced monitoring and autonomic capabilities. 

Vision Cluster1 provides robust cluster management with or without underlying logical replication and is ideal for extending and enhancing high availability and cluster management technologies from IBM, including High Availability Services Manager (HASM), Switched Disk, Cross Site Mirroring (XSM) and Cluster Services. If you want less work, better protection and easier control over your IBM server cluster, you need Vision Cluster1.


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