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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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Data Management


-Improve productivity and profitability by eliminating data barriers between applications.

-Transparently transform data to meet the unique needs of each business application.

-Make better-informed business decisions using integrated data from divergent sources.


Vision Replicate1T provides easy, on-demand data sharing that breaks through the barriers imposed by multiple databases, incompatible applications and disparate platforms. Now it's easy to capture, replicate, transform and share information, allowing you to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability and immediate ROI, with no programming required.

Vision Replicate1 is easy to configure and use and requires no end-user training. Its intuitive management console enables complete monitoring and control of day-to-day data sharing. Just point, click and Vision Replicate1 does the rest. And, because it is application independent, you can choose applications that best meet your business objectives, without regard to the underlying database or operating system.

No matter how disparate the platforms may be, Vision Replicate1 automates transparent data sharing among them. So you can focus on your business and be sure that you have the data you need, where and when you need it.



-Control storage usage growth, without growing your IT staff.

-Achieve an optimal balance between application performance, data access speeds and storage cost containment.

-Quickly and easily create current, realistic test databases. 


Data Manager is an advanced data archiving tool from Vision Solutions that eliminates the burden of obsolete data. Undeleted outdated data not only adds to your storage costs, but it also bogs down queries, reports and online applications, which hampers productivity and frustrates users.

Data purges are often deferred because most archiving tools, including the embedded Purge/Archive facilities in most ERP systems, require a total application shutdown. In contrast, Data Manager runs most of its processes while your systems are active, without affecting users.

Built with highly autonomic technology, Data Manager provides a simple interface to manage all data purge and archive processes-from the identification of redundant and unused data to the automated periodic deletion, copying and/or archiving of it. And Data Manager helps you to adhere to the strictest of auditing standards by keeping a complete audit trail of all data archiving and purging activity.


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