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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
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System i Portal

i5-hosted Web Portal


Nexus Portal is an i5-hosted Web Portal solution designed to provide fast, secure and organized access to Enterprise information through web browsers. Nexus Portal assembles Enterprise applications and documents, organizes content, and consolidates security and user information. Nexus Portal lets you host the major user experiences for your Enterprise's web implementation. It also provides the framework for administering the portal.





Nexus benefits customers, trading partners and every level within your organization by providing a central, secured and structured place for people to go to organize and find enterprise information. Here is a closer look at how specific people benefit:

Executive Management can impose the corporate structure on your organization’s implementation of Nexus by enrolling users in groups. Whether your organization is highly structured with many functional levels, or a single-tier structure, Nexus is designed to provide unlimited flexibility in how you provide access and authority to crucial enterprise content and applications.

IT Department is relieved of every day tasks such as maintaining a web site, or links to data and documents. When you configure Nexus you can delegate different levels of authority to users so they can maintain their own content or access to authorized apps, as well as control authority and access for users for whom they are responsible.

End-Users are empowered to control their own portal experience, and manage their own content or tools they are authorized to. They can create their own pages, select portlets, upload their own documents into the ECM and control almost every element of the user interface. They can also access this information from any web browser they have access to.


      Nexus Portal Highlights

- Portals for Intranets and/or Extranets

- Secure, Organized access to Enterprise Information

- Site Security

- Document and Content Management with ECM

- User & Group Management

- WYSIWYG Site and Page Design

- Dynamic Navigation & Menu System

systemiportal4 - End User Productivity

- Dashboards and KPI's

- Web Desktop

- Catapult integration for auto-filing of iSeries reports

- Secure Framework for iSeries Web Apps

- Portlets: Value Added web applications at no extra cost


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